Notes on the Rock-Cut ‘Space’ near the Gihon Spring

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This article rejects David Ussishkin’s interpretation of the Rock-cut ‘Pool’ in the City of David, Jerusalem, as an abandoned quarry. This feature, better described as a space than a pool or quarry is, actually, a separate system from the northeastern corner, which in the past was referred to as the Round Chamber. Contra to my initial understanding of these two features, I now suggest that they each belong to a different period. The Round Chamber, ca. 4.5 m deeper than the bottom of the Rock-cut Space, has a narrow shaft that rose to the surface of the water; it is the remnant of a Middle Bronze water system. The Rock-cut Space dates to the Iron II.

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  • City of David
  • Gihon Spring
  • Iron II
  • Jerusalem
  • Middle Bronze
  • Quarrying
  • Water- system

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