Notes on Streblote (Lepidoptera, Lasiocampidae, Lasiocampinae) from the Malay Archipelago with two new species description

Alexey M. Prozorov, Tatiana A. Prozorova, Vitaly M. Spitsyn, Elizaveta A. Spitsyna, Julia S. Volkova, Roman V. Yakovlev, Jürg Meier, Aidas Saldaitis, Edita E. Revay, Günter C. Müller

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The article updates the status of the three valid taxa of the genus Streblote Hübner, 1820 from the Malay Archipelago. The species Streblote castanea (Swinhoe, 1892) was described from an unstated location in the Philippines. Presently this species is recorded from 8 major Philippine islands: Cebu, Luzon, Mindanao, Mindoro, Negros, Palawan, Panay, and Samar. The three populations from Luzon, Mindoro, and Negros have pairwise distances ranging from 2.45 to 3.92%. Genetic distance together with geographic isolation is enough to treat the populations as separate species, but the description of new Philippine taxa is not possible until the island of the origin of S. castanea is designated. To locate the species origin and to understand relationships to other populations, the type specimen has to be barcoded. The species Streblote dorsalis (Walker, 1866) from Borneo is similar morphologically to S. castanea. It has to be sequenced as well to understand its relationship with the Philippine species and with geographically and morphologically close populations from the islands Belitung and Sulawesi. The taxon Streblote pallida (Rothschild, 1915) from Java and Bali was earlier attributed as a subspecies to S. castanea and then to S. dorsalis. It is raised here to a bona species because of its wing pattern distinct from the two species, it has an average pairwise distance of 5.15% from S. castanea. Two populations from the neighboring Sumatra, Flores and Sumba are described as new species Streblote gerry sp. n. and Streblote jacquie sp. n. Streblote pallida and S. jacquie sp. n. have a pairwise distance of up to 2.45%

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)14-28
Number of pages15
JournalEcologica Montenegrina
StatePublished - 2022
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  • Greater sunda island
  • Indomalayan fauna
  • Island endemism
  • Lesser sunda islands
  • Streblote castanea
  • Streblote dorsalis
  • The philippines

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