Non-Archimedean analytic geometry as relative algebraic geometry

Oren Ben-Bassat, Kobi Kremnizer

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We show that non-Archimedean analytic geometry can be viewed as relative algebraic geometry in the sense of Toën–Vaquié–Vezzosi over the category of non-Archimedean Banach spaces. For any closed symmetric monoidal quasi-abelian category we define a topology on certain subcategories of the category of (relative) affine schemes. In the case that the monoidal category is the category of abelian groups, the topology reduces to the ordinary Zariski topology. By examining this topology in the case that the monoidal category is the category of Banach spaces we recover the G-topology or the topology of admissible subsets on affinoids which is used in rigid or Berkovich analytic geometry. This gives a functor of points approach to non-Archimedean analytic geometry. We demonstrate that the category of Berkovich analytic spaces (and also rigid analytic spaces) embeds fully faithfully into the category of (relative) schemes in our version of relative algebraic geometry. We define a notion of quasi-coherent sheaf on analytic spaces which we use to characterize surjectivity of covers. Along the way, we use heavily the homological algebra in quasi-abelian categories developed by Schneiders.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)49-126
Number of pages78
JournalAnnales de la Faculté des sciences de Toulouse : Mathématiques
Issue number1
StatePublished - 2017


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