Mohammad ibn Nosayr

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MOḤAMMAD B. NOṢAYR, Abu Šoʿayb al-Nomayri/al-Namiri (d. after 868), the founder and eponym of the Nomayriya/Namiriya sect (the nucleus of the later Noṣayriya; see also Noṣayris and ʿAlawi)—a circle (majles) of Shiʿite mystics whose activities took place in the 9th century between the house of its leader in Baṣra and the tenth and eleventh Imams ʿAli al-Hādi (d. 868) and Ḥasan al-ʿAskari (d. 873) in Samarrāʾ. Accused of extremism (ḡoloww), he was excommunicated by the Imami Shiʿism. Nevertheless, his backing by the Banu Forāt family enabled the survival of his group.
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