Metaphoric, metonymic and psychotic somatoform dissociation

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The present paper seeks to propose, using a combination of psychoanalytic and linguistic thinking, a distinction between three degrees of symbolicity across the somatoform dissociative continuum: the metaphorical, in which there is a symbolic connection between the somatoform phenomenon and the traumatic content, the metonymic, which constitutes a revival of the traumatic experience without the ability to reflect on it, and the psychotic, in which the somatoform phenomenon is experienced as ego-syntonic, thus neither causes distress nor evokes thinking. Three clinical vignettes demonstrate how the higher the degree of symbolization, the more effective the therapeutic process. Finally, a fourth vignette demonstrates how acoustic association in the therapist's countertransference can constitute an antidote to the patient's acoustic dissociation, allowing the reclaiming of the capacity for linking.

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JournalPsychoanalytic Psychotherapy
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StatePublished - 2023

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  • Trauma
  • dissociation
  • metaphore
  • metonimy
  • somatoform

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