Mentoring adolescents

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The period of adolescence involves dramatic changes in adolescents’ social networks and entails greater autonomy and mutuality in their relationships with their parents, and extended reliance and investment in relations with friends and peers (Scharf and Mayseless 32007). The changes in the relationships with parents are characterized by less reliance on parents as exclusive attachment figures (Allen and Land 1999), less shared time (Larson et al.1996; Hazan et al.1991; Youniss and Smollar 1985), and less emotional investment in the parent–child relationship, including a decline in the extent of physical affection (Conger and Ge 1999). These processes are accompanied by an increase in conflicts and disagreements over everyday issues (Collins and Laursen 2004; Steinberg and Silk 2002), redefinition of the quality of the relationship with parents as more equal and mutual (Scharf and Mayseless 2007), and with a greater need for privacy (Josselson 1980; Steinberg and Silk 2002
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