Media strategies for improving an unfavorable city image

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Today, as cities attempt to acquire a favorable image among investors, immigrants and tourists, the leaders of many cities believe that the unfavorable images and stereotypes associated with their names are obstacles that forestall a brighter future. The object of this article is to present a review summarizing media strategies, that local decision-makers can employ to deal with city image-related crises, and to reverse a city's negative image. The article first deals with the marketing of cities, images and stereotypes, with image management and with techniques geared to successfully deliver campaign messages. It then presents 10 strategies to improve a city's negative image: encouraging visits to the city; hosting spotlight events; turning negative characteristics into positive characteristics; changing the city's name, logo or slogan; cultivating the residents' local pride; solving the problem that led to the formation of the negative image; delivering counter-stereotypical messages; ignoring the stereotype; acknowledging the negative image; and geographic association or separation in the campaign.

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StatePublished - Dec 2004


  • Negative image
  • Place marketing
  • Urban crisis
  • Urban image

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