Measuring The Global Biomedical Pulse: The Biopharmaceutical Investment & Competitiveness (BCI) Survey – 2015

Meir Perez Pugatch, David Torstensson , R. Chu

Research output: Book/ReportReport


Investment in biomedical innovation today
represents one of the most high value areas of
investment economies can secure. In 2014 global
life sciences R&D spending was estimated at
around $200 billion, with investment by leading
research-based biopharmaceutical companies at
over a quarter of this figure. Today, economies
seeking to attract biomedical investment are
competing on a global scale, with developed and
emerging economies vying for this investment
side by side. But how do governments and
economies improve their competitiveness and
secure a larger piece of global biomedical
investment? A growing body of data suggests
that on top of market size, demand and costs,
economies’ competitiveness for biomedical
investment is positively linked to the local policy
environment – all of the laws, regulations and
initiatives in place affecting biopharmaceuticals.
Thus, for developed and emerging economies
alike that have targeted biomedical investment
as being of strategic importance to national
economic development and growth, there is a
pressing need to understand and map the state of
the biomedical investment environment in a given
Original languageEnglish
PublisherPugatch Consilium
Commissioning body PhRMA
Number of pages86
StatePublished - 2015


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