Mature unwed mothers in Israel: Socio-moral and psychological dilemmas

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Today, more than ever, women can control their own fertility and dissociate it from long-term intimacy. Among the types of nonmarital fertility, one of the least studied and often most controversial is the phenomenon of childbearing out of wedlock among mature women who are threatened by their own biological clock. It is estimated that there are about 3,000 mature unwed mothers in Israel. No psychological study of this population has so far been undertaken. This article attempts to delineate the demographic characteristics, the reasons for pregnancy, and the moral dilemma of 50 unwed mothers who deliberately decide to give birth as single mothers when they are over the age of 30.

Original languageEnglish
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JournalJournal of Family and Economic Issues
Issue number2
StatePublished - Jun 1991


  • Childbearing
  • Decision-Making
  • Morality
  • Motherhood
  • Single Mother

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