Masons’ Marks of Antiochia Hippos

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Masons’ marks, though often not fully documented, interpreted and researched, are well-attested at sites from the Classical periods. This article presents a complete study of masons’ marks from Antiochia Hippos of the Decapolis. The survey of the site yielded 374 Roman-period marks: 359 used for accounts and 15 probably used for indication of assembly order. The presence of masons’ marks on some of the structures at Hippos and other Roman-period sites in Syria-Palaestina points to details of the organization of work. The marks show chronological dependency, and consequently can be used to indicate relative and even absolute dating.

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  • Antiochia Hippos
  • Construction process
  • Masons’ marks
  • Quarry organization
  • Stone working

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