Ottoman maps of the Empire's Arab provinces, 1850s to the First World War

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In recent years the central Ottoman archive in Istanbul has been gradually releasing and computerizing thousands of maps stored in its collections. Our study introduces 137 maps already available to researchers that focus either directly or indirectly as part of broader presentations of imperial domains on the Ottoman Empire’s Arab provinces. These maps, which all date to between the middle of the nineteenth century and the First World War, differ widely in character, content and function. The maps are briefly described according to their content and set in their historical context.
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JournalImago Mundi
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StatePublished - 30 May 2018

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  • Administrative maps
  • Başbakanhk Osmanh Archive
  • Boundaries
  • Cadastral maps
  • Concession maps
  • Damascus–Hijaz railway
  • Egypt
  • Greater Syria
  • Harita
  • Hijaz
  • Istanbul
  • Lebanon
  • Maps in planning
  • Nineteenth century
  • Ottoman Empire
  • Ottoman cartographers
  • Ottoman cartography
  • Ottoman maps
  • Palestine
  • Port maps
  • Railway maps
  • Road maps
  • Sinai
  • Telegraph maps

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