Majāz 'Aqlī "Intellectual trope" and the description of wine in a poem by Abū Dhu'ayb Al-hudhalī

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An important rhetorical figure has been called the majäz 'aqlï (lit. "intellectual trope") by some classical rhetoricians, mainly by 'Abd al-Qāhir al-Jurjānī (d. 471/1078). Despite its importance, which will be clarified below, the intellectual trope has been ignored in modern research in comparison to other rhetorical figures such as the metaphor and simile which are frequently in the spotlight. In this paper, I will analyse the notion of the majäz 'aqlï as used by 'Abd al-Qāhir al-Jurjānī who was the first rhetorician to deal with this figure of speech in detail; then I will discuss its semantic aspects in classical Arabic poetry as manifested in an episode on wine composed by Abū Dhu'ayb al-Hudhalī (d. 28/649).

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JournalActa Orientalia
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StatePublished - Dec 2018

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* This research was supported by the Israel Science Foundation (grant No. 1861/14). 1One of the recent studies on what is defined by Arabic rhetoricians as majāz ῾aqlī is Inbar Graiver’s (2017) article where she discusses a similar phenomenon in Eastern monasticism. 2The discussion of the majāz and ithbāt in this paper is taken from these two references. In the Dālā᾿il, ῾Abd al-Qāhir uses a different term for the majāz ῾aqlī: majāz ḥukmī (which can be translated as “a judicial trope”). About the two types of the majāz, see Hussein (2015a, pp. 51 – 52).

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  • 'Abd al-Qāhir al-Jurjānī
  • Abū Dhu'ayb al-Hudhalī
  • Arabic rhetoric
  • Asrär al-balägha
  • Classical Arabic poetry
  • Intellectual trope
  • Ithbät
  • Linguistic trope
  • Majäz aqlï
  • Majäz lughawï
  • Metaphor
  • Wine Poetry

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