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    The physical distance between the Aegean and the Levant is far from being an insurmountable obstacle since the Mediterranean serves as a connecting medium. However, the cultural distance between the regions created a formidable barrier for any type of contact. It manifested itself not only in the difference between Indo-European and Semitic languages but also in almost every aspect of behavioral patterns from cooking and weaving to the realm of religion. Moreover, the cultural and linguistic distance between the Aegean and the Levant significantly hindered any transmission of culture. This article deals only with the impact of the Aegean on the Levant, defined here as the coastal and nearby areas of the Eastern Mediterranean: the area from the Amuq and the Kingdom of Mukish in the north to Gaza in the south.

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    • Aegean
    • Amuq
    • Behavioral patterns
    • Indo-european languages
    • Levant
    • Mukish
    • Religion
    • Semitic languages

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