Lajjun: forgotten provincial capital in Ottoman Palestine

Roy Marom, Yotam Tepper, Matthew J. Adams

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During the 16th century CE, the town of al-Lajjun in the Marj ibn ‘Amir (the Jezreel Valley), served as one of Ottoman Palestine’s provincial capitals under the administration of the Turabay Dynasty (1517–1688 CE), and was an important centre on the imperial highway between Damascus and Cairo. However, the town of this period has never been the subject of historical investigation. This paper seeks to bring together, assess and synthesize, rarely accessed Arabic and Ottoman Turkish sources, along with oral histories and an archaeological survey, to provide the first comprehensive historical account of Turabay al-Lajjun and it its ultimate demise in the 19th century CE.

Original languageEnglish
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StatePublished - 2023

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  • Al-Lajjun
  • Jenin
  • Marj ibn ‘Amir
  • Ottoman Palestine
  • Turabay Dynasty

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