Job search modes and turnover

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The pursuit and attainment of alternative job opportunities within labor markets can have a significant impact on work relations in organizations. This search and turnover syndrome is explored here by reexamining the impact that internal and external labor market opportunities have on this process. The individual, organizational and market characteristics of a sample of over 700 employees from medical centers in Israel were used to show that job search modes have no direct effect on turnover behavior. The type and intensity of a job search did, however, depend on employees' perception of various labor market opportunities. Search modes themselves are affected by individual and organizational level characteristics and the employees' intention to leave. This suggests that while negative perceptions of opportunities in the internal labor market matched by positive perceptions of external market opportunities directly affect the turnover decision-making process, job search behaviors do not necessarily affect the turnover decision.

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JournalCareer Development International
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StatePublished - 1 Aug 2004


  • Employee turnover
  • Israel
  • Job vacancies
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  • Medical personnel

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