Jews in an outer London Borough, Barnet

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The main aim is to draw together socio-economic statistics on Jews in a part of northwest London. Through an analysis of these statistics, it examines the extent to which this group differs from area to area and the extent to which it differs from its Gentile neighbours. The first section presents the historical framework for the study and examines some major general features in the development of the modern Jewish community in Britain. This is followed by a brief discussion of the various methodological problems encountered in the preparation of this and other related works. The main analytical section consists of a discussion based upon socio-economic data extracted from the 1981 Census of Population of England and Wales for the study area in northwest London. The conclusion draws attention to the applicability of a study of the Jews to other middle-class ethnic groups in Britain, and to the limitations of Small Area analysis as a research tool in investigating social geographical processes, and social processes in general. -from Author

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