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The eminent status of Jeremiah’s prophecies is well reflected in late biblical books of the Second Temple era, focused as they are on the Jeremianic prophecy forecasting seventy years of Israel’s servitude to Babylon (Jer 25: 11-12; 29: 10). They proposed various interpretations (see Zach 1: 12; 7: 5; 2 Chr 36: 20-21; Dan 9) and the interest in this prediction continued well into the last centuries of the Second Temple period (e.g., 1 En 10-12; 89: 59-90; 93: 1-10; 91: 11-17). The owners of the Qumran library shared this interest. Beside five copies of Jeremiah prophetic compositions, surfaced among the Scrolls, the Qumran texts contain various allusions and quotations from Jeremiah’s biblical prophecies, including some concealed pesharim. This chapter surveys them in its first section. In its second part the chapter reviews and analyzes the references to the prophet’s personality and life, elaborated in the Damascus Document 8: 20 and in the Apocryphon of Jeremiah C.

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  • 1 Enoch
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  • Apocryphon of Jeremiah C
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