Israel's changing geostrategic posture

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This paper analyzes Israel's changing understanding of its geostrategic posture from its establishment in 1948 to the current era. It starts by reviewing traditional Israeli geostrategic ideas and their implementation, mostly, as reflected in the nation's national security doctrine. The paper then investigates the effect of Israel's territorial expansion after 1967 on Israeli ideas about geostrategy. Finally, the paper shows how changing global, regional, and technological variables in the last two decades have transformed how Israeli elites understand their geostrategic realities and how they allocate resources in response to these changing conditions.

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JournalMiscellanea Geographica
Issue number3
StatePublished - 2022

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  • Israel
  • Jews
  • Mediterranean
  • Middle East
  • geostrategy
  • natural gas

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