Introduction: Mediterranean climate-background information

Piero Lionello, Fatima Abrantes, Letizia Congedi, Francois Dulac, Miro Gacic, Damià Gomis, Clare Goodess, Holger Hoff, Haim Kutiel, Jürg Luterbacher, Serge Planton, Marco Reale, Katrin Schröder, Maria Vittoria Struglia, Andrea Toreti, Michael Tsimplis, Uwe Ulbrich, Elena Xoplaki

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Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationThe Climate of the Mediterranean Region
ISBN (Print)9780124160422
StatePublished - 2012

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The authors thank P. Malanotte and A. Busalacchi for their constructive review and the improvement of this chapter. Furthermore, the authors thank the ICARE data and processing center for the processing of MSG/SEVIRI data ( ). E. Xoplaki and A. Toreti acknowledge support by the EU FP6 IP CIRCE and EU FP7 IP ACQWA.

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