Introduction and overview of the Kabri Archaeological Project, 2005 2011

Eric H. Cline, Assaf Yasur-Landau

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The following is a brief introduction, overview, and summation of the results of the 2005 2011seasons atTel Kabri.The aims and methodology are presented first, followed by a generalsummary of the staff and the main discoveries, arranged chronologically by season.

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David Ben-Shlomo ing at Tel KabriM? where he serves as coM?directorM? ?e is the completed his PhD at The ?ebrew ?niversity of Jerusalem author or editor of M? books and nearly M? articlesMR transM? in M? ?e is currently an associate professor inlattihoens of his books have appeared in M? different lanM? Department of the Archaeology and Land of Israel Studies guagesM? at Ariel ?niversityM? ?is main research interests are South Levantine archaeology of the Bronze and Iron AgesM? PhilisM? ?ichael W. Dee tine and Judean material culturesM? ancient iconographyMis? assistant professor of isotope chronology at the ?niverM? and the analytical study of pottery and ceramic materials sity of GroningenM? ?is background is in chemistryMR howM? employing petrographic and chemical analysisM? everM? for the last M? years he has specialized in radiocarbon dating and analysisM? ?e completed his PhD on radiocarbon Daphna Ben-Tor dating and Bayesian modeling at the ?niversity of Oxford received a BA in archaeology and MA and PhD in EgyptolM? in M? and remained in the department for several years ogyfromThe?ebrew?niversityofJerusalemM?ShewastheafterwardasapostdoctoralresearcherandfellowM? Inlate curator for Egyptian archaeology at The Israel MuseumM?M? he was awarded an ERC Starting Grant M?ECHOESMⴑ? JerusalemM? from M?M﬑﬑? until her retirement in wMhichhe beg? anetro implement in early M?M螺? taking up his scholarly work focuses on EgyptianM氀Levantine relationsposition at the ?niversity of Groningen at the same timeM? in the second millennium B? MBR? with a special emphasis on Egyptian and Canaanite scarabs of this periodM? and their Nurith Goshen political and cultural implications in both regionsM? She hasis currently the curator for the archaeology of the ChalM? published extensively on the subject and authored numerM? colithic and Bronze Age periods at The Israel MuseumM? ous catalogs for the exhibitions she curated during her JerusalemM? She is currently working on her PhD in art work at The Israel MuseumM? and archaeology at the ?niversity of PennsylvaniaM? ?er research focuses on building techniques and styles during Celia J. Bergoffen the Bronze AgeM? in particularM? the monumental architecM? earned her PhD from the Institute of Fine Arts at ?ew ture of the Aegean and LevantM? York ?niversityM? She is an adjunct associate professor at the Fashion Institute of Technology and at The Cooper Felix Höflmayer ?nion in ?ew York CityM? For Manfred BietakM? s SCIEM MstudiedE? gyptology and archaeology at the ?niversity of projectM? she authored the monograpThhMeTBronze Age ?ienna and received his PhD in M? In M﬑? he joined the Cypriot Pottery from Sir ?eonard Woolley’s Excavations at Orient Department of the German Archaeological InstiM? Tell Atchana/Alalakh MⰑ? and is currently comptluetteinMg? a first in AmmanM? JordanM? from M? to M? and later monograph on The Cypriot Bronze Age Pottery from South- in BerlinM? GermanyM? from M? to M?M? ?e was the postM? ern Canaan, a regional study including North Sinai with a doctoral fellow at The Oriental Institute of The ?niverM? catalog of the Cypriot imports from W.? F . Petrie’s Excava- sity of Chicago from M?M? to M? In M? he received an tions at Tell el-D? AjjulM? She has published many articlesAPinARTM开Fellowship of the Austrian Academy of Sciences peerM弁? eviewed journals and has participated in archaeaonMd? returned to ?iennaM? AustriaM? In M? he was awarded logical excavations in IsraelM? GreeceM? CyprusM? OmanthMe? STaAnRdTM?grant of the Austrian Science Fund MⰄ?WFM? and YemenM? is currently coM?directing excavations at Tel LachishM? IsraelM? together with Katharina Streit MⰀThe ?ebrew ?niversity of

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  • 2005 2011 seasons
  • Bronze Age
  • Canaanites
  • Palace
  • Tel Kabri

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