Adam J. Silverstein, Guy G. Stroumsa, Moshe Blidstein

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The Oxford Handbook of the Abrahamic Religions includes authoritative yet accessible studies on a wide variety of topics dealing comparatively with Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, as well as with the interactions between the adherents of these religions throughout history. This handbook is thus an essential reference work for anyone interested in the Abrahamic Religions, providing a range of essays written by the foremost scholars on the topic. The primary aim of this book is to contribute to the emergence and development of the comparative study of the Abrahamic religions, a discipline which is now in its formative stages. The handbook includes both critical and supportive perspectives on the very concept of the Abrahamic religions and discussions on the role of the figure of Abraham in these religions. It includes essays on the historical interactions between Abrahamic communities; on holy scriptures and their interpretation; on conceptions of religious history; on various topics and strands of religious thought, such as monotheism and mysticism; on rituals of prayer, purity, and sainthood, on love in the three religions, and on fundamentalism. It concludes with three epilogues written by three influential figures in the Christian, Jewish, and Muslim communities, to provide a broader perspective on the comparative study of the Abrahamic religions. It is hoped that this volume will introduce scholars, students, and other readers to the challenges and rewards of studying these three religions together.
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StatePublished - 12 Nov 2015
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