Intrinsic motivation of teachers and the challenge of mainstreaming: An empirical investigation

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The study investigated attitudes of 202 elementary school teachers, from 18 schools, towards integrating exceptional children into a regular education classrooms. Although most of these teachers concurred with several commonly raised concerns, such as the negative effect of mainstreaming on students' achievement and the teachers' work load, many were also aware of positive aspects of mainstreaming, particularly the personal challenge presented by the endeavor.

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JournalSpecial Services in the Schools
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StatePublished - 14 Oct 1993

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Approximate statistics have been collected to show inputs and outputs of the programme to date. More than a thousand students are now enrolling annually for the various courses, with more than fifty faculty associates. This activity has been hanced partly by a grant totalling about S 3m to the centres from the National Science Foundation, spread over five years.

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