Integrating media and community practice: a case of television report production

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This article explores the potential for active participation of social work students in the media and addresses the question of whether this combination increases their involvement in community practice. The article describes research that was conducted among 38 students who participated in a course entitled ‘Community Practice Through Production of Television Reports’ in Israel. In the course the students took an active part in various stages of production: (a) investigation and idea development; (b) scriptwriting; (c) filming and recording; (d) editing; and (e) broadcasting and dialogue. The production process focused on promotion of social change. The findings reveal that the students, who had no previous experience, usually succeeded in producing valuable reports and were involved in several aspects of community practice. The findings also indicate, however, that some challenges should be considered when planning and operating such courses. These include mobilizing resources, developing teams with both ‘task’ and ‘social’ orientations, technology training, integrating community practice, and coping with ethical issues. The article discusses the course characteristics, the stages of production, and the involvement of the students in community practice through the media, with emphasis on the different challenges that educators must address in planning and operating similar courses or productions.

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