Improving Multi-Objective Optimization Methods of Water Distribution Networks

Rahel Amare Kidanu, Maria Cunha, Elad Salomons, Avi Ostfeld

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Water distribution network design is a complex multi-objective optimization problem and multi-objective evolutionary algorithms (MOEAs) such as NSGA II have been widely used to solve this optimization problem. However, as networks get larger, NSGA II struggles to find the diverse and uniform solutions that are critical in multi-objective optimization. This research proposes an improved version of NSGA II that uses three new-generation methods to target different regions of the Pareto front and thus increase the number of solutions in critical regions. These methods include saving an archive, local search around extreme and uncrowded Pareto front, and local search around the knee area of the Pareto front. The improved NSGA II is tested on benchmark networks of different sizes and compared to the best-known Pareto front of the networks determined by MOEAs. The results show that the proposed algorithm outperforms the original NSGA II in terms of broadening the Pareto front solution range, increasing solution density, and discovering more non-dominated solutions. The improved NSGA II can find solutions that cover all parts of the Pareto front using a single algorithm without increasing computational effort.

Original languageEnglish
Article number2561
JournalWater (Switzerland)
Issue number14
StatePublished - Jul 2023
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  • MOEAs
  • improved NSGA II
  • multi objective optimization
  • water distribution network

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