Hunting and Gathering Societies: Anthropology

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The perspectives taken on the contemporary peoples referred to by this term have changed considerably since its early uses in the eighteenth century. I describe its evolving meanings, and then several clusters of features partially shared by these peoples, including sharing, perceptions of the environment, animism, relational knowledge, and relational ontologies. Though their cases are rare, they remain pivotal in modern thought as our ultimate "Other" and our ultimate "Us.".

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StatePublished - 26 Mar 2015

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  • Animism
  • Band societies
  • Collective appropriation
  • Foragers
  • Giving environment
  • Hunter-gatherers' relational ontologies
  • Hunter-gatherers' relations with others
  • Hunters and gatherers
  • Immediacy
  • Indigenous peoples
  • Relational epistemology
  • Sharing

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  • General Social Sciences


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