How street-level bureaucrats become policy entrepreneurs: The case of urban renewal

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Under what conditions will street-level bureaucrats act as policy entrepreneurs? Drawing on the case of social workers working with disadvantaged populations in the context of urban renewal in Israel, we suggest a framework for addressing this question. The research contributes to the literature of public administration and policy both by analyzing the strategies these entrepreneurs adopt to increase their influence on policy design and by proposing that the combination of perceptions of an acute crisis situation, lack of effective knowledge in the area, and the demand for innovation and activism leads street-level bureaucrats to adopt innovative strategies aimed at influencing policy.

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We very much appreciate the work of the anonymous reviewers and would like to thank them for their comments which helped improve and clarify this manuscript. The authors are also grateful for the comments and suggestions of the members of Permanent Study Group on Public Policy of the European Group for Public Administration (EGPA) and the members of The 3rd INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON PUBLIC POLICY on early versions of the paper. We also thank the comments and suggestions of the members of the 2017 International Research Symposium on Public Management in Asia: Innovation and Transformation in Hong Kong hosted by Department of Asian and Policy Studies, The Education University of Hong Kong. Any mistakes are, of course, our responsibility.

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