Homo Viator 2020s: electrified and internet-based personal mobilities

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Homo Viator [traveling Man] refers in this article to the mobile individuals of the 2020s, gradually exposed to EVs (electric vehicles) and AVs (autonomous vehicles), as electricity-based and Internet-dependent personal road transport, respectively. This article examines the similarities and differences between the electrification and Internetizing of terrestrial personal mobilities and assesses the significance of these two trends for physically moving individuals, mobile society, and mobility-based urban space. EVs are already increasingly adopted, whereas AVs are still mostly being tested. Internet-based communications have already become universally adopted. Electricity and the Internet differ from each other, notably as far as the car industry is concerned, by their roles, modes of production, transmission channels, and storage. For individuals, EVs and AVs differ from each other in several ways: The degree of personal operations and the required accounting and licensing; the ability to move human-made products electronically; ergonomic aspects; travel and communications as an experience; and interactions with fellow individuals. From a societal perspective, the universal use of electricity and the Internet for road transport will require strict security assurance for their production and transmission. In addition, the importance of the relevant communications and electricity professions will grow. On yet another end, the ability to work during car riding may blur the buffer time between work and home. Spatially, EV-based cities will be quieter and cleaner ones, whereas AV-based cities will be characterized by removing traffic lights and road signs, coupled with the availability of more parking spaces.

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  • Autonomous vehicles (AVs)
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