Hebraic Aspects of the Renaissance: Sources and Encounters

Ilana Zinguer (Editor), Abraham Melamed (Editor), Zur Shalev (Editor)

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Christian Hebraism came to its full fruition in the seventeenth century. However, interest in Jewish and Hebraic sources had already increased during the early Renaissance, as an integral part of the renewed attention to ancient cultures, mostly Greek and Roman, as well as eastern cultures – from Egypt to India. This volume presents a selection of papers from the international conference Hebraic Aspects of the Renaissance (University of Haifa, May, 2009), that trace the humanist encounter with Hebrew and Jewish sources during that period. The chapters included in this volume not only illuminate the ways in which Christian scholars encountered Hebraic sources and integrated them into their general worldview, but also present the encounters of Jewish scholars with humanist culture.
Original languageEnglish
PublisherBrill Academic Publishers
Number of pages296
ISBN (Electronic)978-90-04-21256-5
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StatePublished - 2011

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NameBrill's Series in Jewish Studies

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