Health literacy in Israel-From measurement to intervention: Two case studies

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This report focuses on opportunities, challenges and outcomes of health literacy related interventions in Israel, based on health literacy measurement. The importance of a system's and community approaches are discussed, as is cultural appropriateness. Two case studies are highlighted-the first on childhood immunization and the second on self-management of chronic health situations. In the second example, a combination of community, media, digital, and face-to-face interventions comprise a broad approach to intervention. The impact and some findings are presented, including conclusions derived from each initiative.

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Israel also has partnered with international stakeholders for strategic projects, such as the Diabetes Literacy Project supported by the European Commission, and the Health Literacy of Children and Adolescents (HLCA) project from Germany [9,10] and others. Israel is a member of the Measuring Population and Organizational of Health Literacy network (M-POHL) of the WHO Euro Region working towards a new national survey. In addition to research findings derived from population measures of health literacy, and action to promote policy, mainly embedded in the health system. Israel’s other related activities include a range of interventions. In this report, the authors discuss the impact of health literacy interventions in Israel’s public health and healthcare systems via two case studies. One case study assesses vaccine hesitancy and the other is a range of initiatives to promote type 2 diabetes patient self-management.

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  • diabetes
  • digital health literacy
  • health promotion
  • immunization
  • universal healthcare
  • vaccination

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