Generalized CRF-structures

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A generalized F-structure is a complex, isotropic subbundle E of T cM ⊕ T*cM ( TcM = TM ⊗ ℝ ℂ and the metric is defined by pairing) such that E ∩ E = 0. If E is also closed by the Courant bracket, E is a generalized CRF-structure. We show that a generalized F-structure is equivalent with a skew-symmetric endomorphism Φ of TM ⊕ T*M that satisfies the condition Φ3 + Φ = 0 and we express the CRF-condition by means of the Courant-Nijenhuis torsion of Φ. The structures that we consider are generalizations of the F-structures defined by Yano and of the CR (Cauchy-Riemann) structures. We construct generalized CRF-structures from: a classical F-structure, a pair (V σ) where V is an integrable subbundle of TM and σ is a 2-form on M, a generalized, normal, almost contact structure of codimension h. We show that a generalized complex structure on a manifold M̃ induces generalized CRF-structures into some submanifolds M ̃M. Finally, we consider compatible, generalized, Riemannian metrics and we define generalized CRFK-structures that extend the generalized Kähler structures and are equivalent with quadruples (γ, F +, F -, ψ), where (γ, F ±) are classical, metric CRF-structures, ψ is a 2-form and some conditions expressible in terms of the exterior differential d ψ and the γ-Levi-Civita covariant derivatives δ F ± hold. If d ψ = 0, the conditions reduce to the existence of two partially Kähler reductions of the metric γ. The paper ends by an Appendix where we define and characterize generalized Sasakian structures.

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StatePublished - Apr 2008


  • CRF-structure
  • CRFK-structure
  • Courant bracket
  • F-structure
  • Sasakian structure

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