From the book of jeremiah to the qumranic Apocryphon of Jeremiah

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The article shows that the two narrative fragments of the Qumran second century B.C.E. Apocryphon of Jeremiah C (4Q385a 18 and 4Q389 1) elaborate traditions of the prophet Jeremiah and his scribe Baruch. The juxtaposition of the two types of traditions in a single work attests to its early date. Such an early period, and perhaps even earlier one, is also reflected by the Hebrew Vorlage of the book of Jeremiah. Like the Greek translation this Hebrew Vorlage probably juxtaposed as appendix the book of Baruch 1:1-3:8 to the book of Jeremiah.

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JournalDead Sea Discoveries
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StatePublished - 2013


  • Apocryphon of Jeremiah C
  • Baruch
  • Book of Baruch
  • Jeremiah LXX
  • Qumran texts

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