From human resources to human beings: Managing people at work

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The purpose of this paper is to highlight the drawbacks of viewing an organization's employees as simply “resources”, rather than as individual human beings with their own rights, needs and aspirations. The paper presents the author's personal viewpoint. The paper urges organizations to acknowledge and celebrate each employee's individuality. It argues that the economic upheaval offers an opportunity to rethink the current stress is on specified, targeted outcomes. The paper advances the view that such reforms will promote the competitive advantage of organizations. The paper indicates why organizations should give real meaning to the slogan “our people are our most important asset”.

Original languageEnglish
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JournalHuman Resource Management International Digest
Issue number7
StatePublished - 16 Oct 2009
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  • Employee development
  • Performance management
  • Self actualization

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  • Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management


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