From AkkO/AcCO to Beit She'an/Beth Shan in the Late Bronze Age

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Tel Akko is an imposing site on the northern side of the Haifa Bay. It was active as a maritime hub in the Eastern Mediterranean during the 2 nd millennium BCE. This study proposes that during the Late Bronze Age, especially in Late Bronze II, Akko's anchorage on the southern outskirts of the tell was the main maritime contact between Egypt and the Egyptian administrative centre in Beit She 'an. This stood in contrast to the anchorage of the same period at Tell Abu Hawam, situated on the same bay, whose main trade network was with sites that lay to the north and west in the Eastern Mediterranean. The study deals with the route used for travelling between Akko and Beit She'an, as well as with textual accounts and petrographic analyses of the el-Amarna Letters.

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JournalAgypten und Levante
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  • Anchorage
  • Beit She'an
  • Late Bronze Age
  • Tel Akko

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