Folkloristic Methods in Dreams Interpretation

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The paper deals with the affinity between dreams and fairy tales by methods taken from folk literature discipline.
In searching for meeting points between literature and psychoanalysis, the tendency of giving psychological interpretation to literary genres was common. The current paper is of opposite process, in which literary treatment is been given to a mental product- the dream. This process reflects the assumption that literary and folkloristic interpretations, which focus on aesthetic, collective and universal aspects of dreams, might have important contribution, both clinical and theorized, with added value, comparing to the interpretation relates to the individual aspects only. The idea is that the study of both fields- dreams and folk literature in the light of the other might enrich each of the research areas. Firstly, a review of psychological approaches to dreams will be presented, by focusing on the possibility of viewing dreams as narratives.
Then, one dream narrative will be presented. Comparing the female dream narrative with different version of a fairy tale, especially those which went through masculine processes, help examine the relations between female and male voices and therefore trying to describe the female voice as expressed in folklore, as well as in dreams. The way in which the affinity between both areas might help lightening different aspects associated in fairy tales and dreams will be discussed, discouraging the inter-disciplinary dialogue which encounters psychology with additional fields of knowledge.
Original languageEnglish
Number of pages25
JournalFunzione Gamma, scientific online magazine
StatePublished - 2008


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