Fairness in the workplace: A global perspective

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Fairness in the Workplace takes a multi-dimensional approach to the concept of organizational fairness, one that views organizational fairness as being comprised of procedural justice, organizational politics, organizational trust, and psychological contract breach, all of which are indicators of the global evaluation of the (un)fairness of the organization. This evaluation, in turn, predicts the employees' attitudes and behaviors. Such an approach moves from a simplified view of the focal constructs as unique perceptions to a more nuanced understanding of each construct as representing one aspect of the overall assessment of the organization as fair or unfair. By combining them into a concept that represents a higher level of abstraction, we can develop a robust scale with which to measure organizational (un)fairness that has the potential to improve our predictions about employees' attitudes and behaviors. This approach expands existing motivation theories. Furthermore, the book covers the relationship between organizational fairness and organizational outcomes.

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StatePublished - 1 Jan 2015

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