Ethical and professional issues in career assessment on the Internet

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The growing use of the Internet by professionals and laypeople alike, together with rapidly improving technology, has resulted in dramatic growth of assessment Web sites. Although these tests are being used for a number of purposes, their employment for career-related assessment and decisions seems to be prevailing. This development stems from the search for easy-to-obtain, free (or inexpensive) aids to assist in decision making; a general awareness and acceptance of the Internet as a legitimate informative; and professional and nonprofessional site owners' exploitation of the provision of remote testing services. Although empirical research generally supports the psychometric properties and utility of Internet-based assessment, there are numerous ethical and professional issues involved. A large listing of concerns is presented, followed by a recommendation to take action in three concomitant directions: focused legislation (including international conventions), Internet-specifie training for professionals, and public education aimed at increasing awareness and understanding.

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JournalJournal of Career Assessment
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StatePublished - Feb 2003


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