Equitable coloring of k-uniform hypergraphs

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Let H be a k-uniform hypergraph with n vertices. A strong r-coloring is a partition of the vertices into r parts such that each edge of H intersects each part. A strong r-coloring is called equitable if the size of each part is ⌈n/r⌉ or ⌊n/r⌋. We prove that for all a ≥ 1, if the maximum degree of H satisfies Δ (H) ≤ ka, then H has an equitable coloring with k/a ln k(1 = ok (1)) parts. In particular, every k-uniform hypergraph with maximum degree O(k) has an equitable coloring with k/ln k (1 - ok (1)) parts. The result is asymptotically tight. The proof uses a double application of the nonsymmetric version of the Lovász local lemma.

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JournalSIAM Journal on Discrete Mathematics
Issue number4
StatePublished - Jul 2003


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