Environmental preferences of Cyanobacteria in the gradient of macroclimatic factors and pollution

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The article describes the distribution of the diversity of cyanobacteria in 51 Eurasian floras in the gradient of environmental factors. Environmental factors in order to analyze the strength of their impact on the community of cyanobacteria were divided into two main groups. The first group represents local factors that are distinguished by the instability of exposure, short duration, and wide amplitude. This group includes organic and toxic anthropogenic pollution and temperature. They are related to the seasonality and the intensity of using the catchment area. Cyanobacteria increases in productivity but reduces the species richness in the gradient of increasing influence of the first group of factors. The second group combines factors of global long-term macroecological stability associated with the latitude and altitude of the aquatic habitat. We took for analysis cyanobacterial floras in a latitudinal gradient from Israel to the Arctic, as well as in a gradient of height from 4 to 4213 m above sea level in the Caucasus and the Pamir. A group of global climatic factors, such as a decrease in the average annual temperature at high latitudes, an increase in insolation at high altitudes, has a stimulating effect on the diversity of cyanobacteria and at the same time increases their intraspecific variability. The index of intraspecific variation (Ssp/Sp Index) increase in the gradient of the latitude of habitat and altitude that indicates the release of intraspecific variability and can serve as an indicator of climatic stress and the surviving of cyanobacteria under climatic instability and local pollution.

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  • Altitude
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