Eka-elements as chemical pure possibilities

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From Mendeleev’s time on, the Periodic Table has been an attempt to exhaust all the chemical possibilities of the elements and their interactions, whether these elements are known as actual or are not known yet as such. These latter elements are called “eka-elements” and there are still some of them in the current state of the Table. There is no guarantee that they will be eventually discovered, synthesized, or isolated as actual. As long as the actual existence of eka-elements is predicted, they cannot be considered as actual but only as purely possible. Given that eka-elements are chemical pure possibilities, a possibilist approach, entitled “panenmentalism,” can gain support as well as an important implication.

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JournalFoundations of Chemistry
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StatePublished - 1 Oct 2016

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  • Actualities
  • Amnon Marinov
  • Eka-elements
  • Individual chemical pure possibilities
  • Panenmentalism
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