Efficient Graph Field Integrators Meet Point Clouds

Krzysztof Choromanski, Arijit Sehanobish, Han Lin, Yunfan Zhao, Eli Berger, Tetiana Parshakova, Alvin Pan, David Watkins, Tianyi Zhang, Valerii Likhosherstov, Somnath Basu Roy Chowdhury, Avinava Dubey, Deepali Jain, Tamas Sarlos, Snigdha Chaturvedi, Adrian Weller

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We present two new classes of algorithms for efficient field integration on graphs encoding point clouds. The first class, SeparatorFactorization (SF), leverages the bounded genus of point cloud mesh graphs, while the second class, RFDiffusion (RFD), uses popular ϵ-nearestneighbor graph representations for point clouds. Both can be viewed as providing the functionality of Fast Multipole Methods (FMMs, Greengard & Rokhlin, 1987), which have had a tremendous impact on efficient integration, but for non-Euclidean spaces. We focus on geometries induced by distributions of walk lengths between points (e.g., shortest-path distance). We provide an extensive theoretical analysis of our algorithms, obtaining new results in structural graph theory as a byproduct. We also perform exhaustive empirical evaluation, including on-surface interpolation for rigid and deformable objects (particularly for mesh-dynamics modeling), Wasserstein distance computations for point clouds, and the Gromov-Wasserstein variant.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)5978-6004
Number of pages27
JournalProceedings of Machine Learning Research
StatePublished - 2023
Event40th International Conference on Machine Learning, ICML 2023 - Honolulu, United States
Duration: 23 Jul 202329 Jul 2023

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