Ecologic genomics of DNA: Upstream bending in prokaryotic promoters

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After our analysis of the distribution of predicted intrinsic curvature along all available complete prokaryotic genomes, the genomes were divided into two groups. Curvature distribution in all prokaryotes of the first group indicated a substantial fraction of promoters characterized by intrinsic DNA curvature located within or upstream of the promoter region. We did not find this peculiar DNA curvature distribution in prokaryotes in the second group. Remarkably, all bacteria of the first group were mesophilic, whereas many prokaryotes of the second group were hyperthermophilic. We hypothesize that DNA curvature plays a biologic role in gene regulation in mesophilic as opposed to hyperthermophilic prokaryotes, i.e., DNA curvature presumably has a functional adaptive significance determined by temperature selection.

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JournalGenome Research
Issue number8
StatePublished - 2000

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