E-String Theory on Riemann Surfaces

Hee Cheol Kim, Shlomo S. Razamat, Cumrun Vafa, Gabi Zafrir

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We study compactifications of the 6d E-string theory, the theory of a small E8 instanton, to four dimensions. In particular we identify N=1 field theories in four dimensions corresponding to compactifications on arbitrary Riemann surfaces with punctures and with arbitrary non-abelian flat connections as well as fluxes for the abelian sub-groups of the E8 flavor symmetry. This sheds light on emergent symmetries in a number of 4d N=1 SCFTs (including the ‘E7 surprise’ theory) as well as leads to new predictions for a large number of 4-dimensional exceptional dualities and symmetries.

Original languageEnglish
Article number1700074
JournalFortschritte der Physik
Issue number1
StatePublished - Jan 2018
Externally publishedYes

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We would like to thank Chris Beem, Patrick Jefferson, Zohar Komargodski, and Yuji Tachikawa for useful discussions. We also like to thank SCGP summer workshop 2017 for hospitality during part of this work. The research of HK and CV is supported in part by NSF grant PHY-1067976. GZ is supported in part by World Premier International Research Center Initiative (WPI), MEXT, Japan. SSR is a Jacques Lewiner Career Advancement Chair fellow. The research of SSR was also supported by Israel Science Foundation under grant no. 1696/15 and by I-CORE Program of the Planning and Budgeting Committee.

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  • E-string theory
  • superconformal field theory

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