Disordered eating and eating disorders in israeli adolescents

Yael Latzer, Eliezer Witztum, Daniel Stein

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In the present chapter, we aimed to analyze the current state of affairs concerning disordered eating and eating disorders among adolescents in Israel. In comparing different Jewish sub-populations, women living in a kibbutz have been found until recently to show higher rates of disordered eating than other Israeli samples. However, recent studies show no such difference between kibbutz members and the general Israeli population. No clear-cut findings emerge with respect to the influence of immigration on the frequency of disordered eating. However despite the massive immigration that Israel has experienced since the late 1980s, the number of immigrants seeking treatment for EDs has been relatively quite low. In contrast the frequency of disordered eating is less prevalent among Jewish religious observance and among Israeli Arabs, reflecting the traditional non-Westernized characteristics of their society. Accordingly, diverse Israeli-Arab sub-populations show different rates of disordered eating, depending upon their degree of exposure to Westernized influences and the presence of conflict between modern and traditional values. One important finding highlighted in our review is the high rate of disturbed eating behaviors among Israeli male and female adolescents in comparison to many other Western industrialized countries. This finding raises critical questions about the emotional well-being of Israeli adolescents.

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Title of host publicationThe Dance of Sleeping and Eating among Adolescents
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StatePublished - 5 Oct 2012

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