Dietitians' Change in Practice: A Challenge or a Threat?

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Dietetics has recently begun implementing the nutrition-focused physical examination, based on a physical examination of oral health. This qualitative study, interviewing 18 dietitians, examined how dietitians experience and cope with this change. Inductive thematic analysis revealed that dietitians experienced the change as either a threat or a challenge, as well as stemming from within or outside the profession. Dietitians' preferred coping strategies that derive from their personal experiences. Managers are recommended to develop coaching programs for dietitians to help them perceive the change as a challenge, focus on the opportunity for mastery, and gain skills to lead the interdisciplinary team.

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JournalTopics in Clinical Nutrition
Issue number3
StatePublished - Jul 2021

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  • change of practice
  • nutrition-focused physical examination
  • professional boundaries

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