Deterrence of men from using aggression toward female partners

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The study explored how men were deterred from using aggression toward a female partner by examining men’s evaluation of their female partner’s readiness to respond to their aggression (by involving formal and/or informal social agents and by threatening to leave or leaving the relationship). The data were obtained from 217 men. Findings show that the higher the men evaluate the women’s readiness to respond to their aggression, the more severe their aggression. Findings also indicate that women’s readiness to threaten to leave, actually to leave, or to involve informal social agents is higher than their readiness to involve formal social agents. Findings that show that when the men decide that the women will respond to their aggression, this evaluation directly affects the other variables, as well as the association between these variables. The more the men evaluate that the women will respond to their aggression, the more likely they are to restrain their violent tendencies.

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This study is based on data from a longitudinal research project on partner violence. The project was funded by the Israel Science Foundation and carried out by the Center for the Study of Society at the University of Haifa. The present study is based on data obtained from 217 men who participated in the second wave of data collection. Couples were recruited when researchers placed an ad in local newspapers and notices on service bulletin boards. The ads and notices explained that couples were needed for a study on couple quarrels. Participating couples were chosen on four criteria: (1) both partners agreed to take part in the research; (2) the couple had been living together for at least six months prior to the research; (3) the couple was neither separated nor in a separation or divorce process; (4) the couple had experienced conflicts in the past six months.

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