Mayer A. Brenner, Azad M. Madni, Norman Schwalm

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The authors present the objectives, rationale, and design of the Resource Apportionment Air (RAA), along with the results of an evaluation by the operational/Air Force community. The RAA is an interactive decision aid that can be used by US Air Force officers to create the daily air resource apportionment plan. Also presented are an analysis of the key elements of information needed to perform resource apportionment, the underlying decision processes, and the man-machine interface designed to support mixed-initiative user-system communication. A simulated conflict scenario with the full range of possible apportionment situations was used to test and evaluate the RAA. The results indicate that the RAA's potential usefulness is in both aiding the apportionment task in the real-world environment and in training officers to better perform this task with or without aiding. The RAA is implemented on an IBM-PC computer system with an interactive 'video-graphic'-based tactical map display system.

Original languageEnglish
Number of pages2
StatePublished - 1985
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