Daniel Roche (1935-)

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Title of host publicationFrench Historians 1900-2000
Subtitle of host publicationNew Historical Writing in Twentieth-Century France
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StatePublished - 19 Mar 2010


  • Daniel Roche, leading French historian, the French at cutting edge of methodological and historiographical innovation
  • Histoire des choses banales - shifting from traditional to modern culture, material bases of culture
  • Journal of my Life, autobiography of an artisan
  • La Culture des apparences, the Culture of Clothing - Dress and Fashion in the Ancient Régime
  • Le Peuple de Paris - study of the people of Paris
  • Le Siècle des Lumières en province - Roche's thesis on French provincial academies
  • Les Républicains des lettres, "Republic of Letters" - and the participants
  • Roche's findings on provincial academies - contradicting traditional view of Enlightenment
  • Urban space and demographic composition of French capital - in the eighteenth century

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