Conditions for the development of high-tech industry: The case of Israel

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The Israeli extensive high-tech industry is examined in the light of a model that presents the process chain from knowledge and capital formation through innovation and invention to production. The deeper roots for the Israeli high-tech industry lie in Jewish cultural traits of scholastic learning and international communications, rather than in prolonged industrial development. Within a modern context, the industry based itself through a strong security accent, because of the Arab-Israeli conflict. The phases in the development of the Israeli high-tech industry moved from the creation of a domestic base for R and D in information technology to a growing global one, blending between a leading domestic accumulation of knowledge, entrepreneurship, and limited capital on the one hand, and global capital and demands for technology on the other. The high-tech industry and the services for its operation are centred on metropolitan Tel-Aviv.

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JournalTijdschrift Voor Economische en Sociale Geografie
Issue number3
StatePublished - 2002


  • High-tech industry
  • Information technology
  • Israel
  • R and D

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