Community psychology in Israel

Amiram Raviv, Mira Zeira, Keren Sharvit

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The chapter reviews activities by Israeli psychologists in which community psychology principles are applied. It is argued that despite the small number of publications using the term community psychology and the absence of formal specialization and training in community psychology, many Israeli psychologists have internalized the principles of community psychology and implement them in their work. Specifically, we suggest that the application of community psychology principles, such as early detection, prevention, mental health consultation, crisis intervention, and the use of community resources and strengths, is most apparent in two areas of Israeli psychology: school psychology and crisis intervention in the context of Israel's complex security situation. In the main sections of the chapter, we review and present examples for community-oriented activities in these areas.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationInternational Community Psychology
Subtitle of host publicationHistory and Theories
PublisherSpringer US
Number of pages15
ISBN (Print)9780387494999
StatePublished - 2007
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