Communicative behaviors of outperformers and their perception by the outperformed people

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Four studies explored the communicative behaviors of people who outperform others in a relevant or irrelevant field and the impression formed of these outperformers by the outperformed people. In line with the premises of the self-evaluation maintenance model (A. Tesser, 1988) and the STTUC framework (J. J. Exline & M. Lobel, 1999), Studies 1 and 2 predicted and found that people tend to conceal their achievements in conversation with a person whom they have outperformed, especially when the field of performance is relevant to this individual and irrelevant to them. Studies 3 and 4 found that the perception of outperformers is dependent not only on their communicative behaviors following the success but also on the relevance of the field for them and for the perceivers.

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JournalHuman Communication Research
Issue number2
StatePublished - Apr 2008

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